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    We aim to be your most preferred supplier and innovative producer of Occupational, Safety, Health and Environmental protection products in Asia.

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    With more than 15 years of experience, PDS has worked with reputable companies from various industries to improve the welfare and safety of their employees. Our highly customisable SRX program gives you flexibility, convenience, excellent service and high quality safety eyewear with international standards of protection.

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    We aim to be your most preferred supplier and innovative producer of Occupational, Safety, Health and Environmental protection products in Asia.

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PDS International Vietnam


PDS is a leading Group of Companies in Asia. Established since 1993, with over 20 years of experience in providing safety protection equipment and solutions to over 12 countries in Asia. At PDS International, we are committed to quality protective solutions that comply with local and international standards: Design, Comfort, Protection and Reliability. We are also dedicated to rendering the best services to our valued customers. Our core duty is to ensure the protection of industry personnel, safety officers, engineers, organizations, institutions and the community, with our quality protective solutions.

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Our Services PDS Vietnam

Our first responsibility in PDS is to the users, workers, technicians, safety officers, engineers and all other companies, organisations or institutions who use our products and services to protect them, their products or the environment.

At PDS, we continuously invest in and are in close co-operation with our partners/suppliers to develop solutions to meet your changing requirements. We also work closely with suppliers on new product innovations and developments. [View more]

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Our business is dedicated to protecting people, products and the environment. We aim to be the most preferred supplier and innovative producer of Occupational, Safety, Health and Environmental protection products in Asia.


We have been working with PDS for many years yo ensuring high safety for our construction workplace. PDS is very professional in consulting, design, implementation and especially PDS products are always genuine and tested rigorously. Thanks PDS.
Cherie Hong
Working on oil and gas industry requires high occupational safety, we have tried out many suppliers before but only PDS has delivered such high quality products.
Quality products, best customer service and technical support, we are completely satisfied about the products and services provided by PDS.
Stephen Davis
We have been cooperating with PDS for many years and truly believe in PDS.
Michale Dante
We need 200 sets of clothes in 10 days for the workers on site. PDS has completed the delivery on schedule and high quality products just as we expected.
Robby Hook
Now we proudly to serve you in vietnam

Send us your feedback, messages and questions, we are very pleased to provide the best service and solution for your business.


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